Pranathi Peri

I'm a designer & developer based in New York City.

Currently, I'm a designer at Vercel where I translate complex technical concepts into simple user experiences. Before that, I was the second designer at Graphite.

In my spare time I enjoy sewing, surfing and shopping (a LOT of shopping).

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2024 - now

Designing & building tools for the Frontend Cloud.


2023 - 2024

Helped design, build, and launch Graphite’s web app, CLI and VS Code extension out of Beta. Led design initiatives across all product and marketing surface areas.


2022 - 2023

Was a Product Designer on the Pull Requests team. Most notably, helped ship GitHub’s Merge Queue.


Various dates

Worked as a Software Engineer Designer on the Messenger Kids iOS team.


My favorite childhood console <3. Recreated using React and Tailwind styles.


April 2024

A smol recreation of Apple's wallet app animation using React, Tailwind, and Framer motion.

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